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Female Breast Guard Econo Guard


Female Breast Guard Econo Guard, EconoGuard protects your full chest. Breasts, ribs, sternum are all covered with the flexible, yet strong (virtually unbreakable) polyethylene guard. The guard is held firmly in place by adjustable elastic straps and fastened with a standard hook and eye bra fastener, meaning you can wear the EconoGuard under or over your regular bra or sports uniform.  We recommend a light tee-shirt is worn under the EconoGuard – a sports bra is not necessary as the EconoGuard provides full support.Lightweight – for comfort

The worlds original breast and chest protector for sportswomen. Inspired by the Nuns at a girls school in 1981, the EconoGuard is now sold worldwide and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of women.  You can depend on our product quality and our dedication to women’s well being to allow you to perform at your best in your chosen sport, with confidence.

Sizes 10A-14C

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