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KuSakura I.J.F Judo Competition Uniform – Made in China


High-end Judo-Gi, the ‘S’ brand is widely used in both national (1st division) and international competition. IJF Approved 2016 , red label.

A bit lighter than the thicker double weaved uniforms with the weight of 700g. This model is less flexible and rougher than the others, therefore more oriented towards competition than technical practice. Like all other models of the brand, and as is the tradition of the Judogi, the top of the jacket is a Sashiko weave (rice grain) and the lower a Hishisashi weave (diamond).

Available in Blue JNEX or White JOEX

This model is made in China, there is also JOF model available which is made and woven in Japan.

IJF belts are also available.

Sizes from 2.5-6

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