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Mastering the Samurai Sword


Memorialized in countless books and movies, the history of Japan’s fearsome samurai warriors is known all over the world. Who can forget these Japanese masters’ skills with the sword? Today, samurai warriors no longer exist, but their legacy of swordsmanship endures. Now, the way of the samurai sword is learned in the martial arts Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu. This book is the perfect introduction to using this beautiful and ancient weapon. In Mastering the Samurai Sword, you’ll learn the sword’s fascinating history, its evolution, and the philosophy behind its use. You’ll also learn practical guidance for mastering the sword itself.

Full-color, step-by-step photographs detail many of the most useful and famous samurai moves, including:

drawing the samurai sword
guard positions, cutting blows, and blocking
falling and rolling techniques, and evasive strategies
standing forms and kneeling form

Author: Cary Nemeroff

Hardback, 211 pages, includes DVD


Author: Cary Nemeroff

Hardback, 211 pages, includes DVD

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