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Okinawan’s Complete Karate System – Isshin Ryu


Okinawan’s Complete Karate System – Isshin Ryu, In the martial arts, facts are often a scarce commodity. Histories are often confused or inaccurate, lineages are muddled and murky, forms get changed and no one ever finds out why. These problems can present major obstacles along your path to the understanding and practice of your chosen art. Well, now some of that confusion can be cleared up with Okinawa’s Complete Karate System: Isshin Ryu.It’s a “must have” for today’s martial artist, whether you’re an Isshin Ryu practitioner, Karate stylist or just interested in the origins and development of one of the most fascinating, effective, and fastest growing styles in martial arts.While providing the context in which martial arts developed on Okinawa, Okinawa’s Complete Karate System offers you a comprehensive history of Isshin Ryu as well as a thorough investigation of its founder’s life and philosophy.

Author: Michael Rosenbaum

PAperback, 142pages

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