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UMAB Rebreakable Boards


The Ultimate Martial Arts Board design is similar to the size and feel of a real wooden board. It is constructed of super tough nylon to provide unbeatable strength and durability. Each board consists of two identical halves that snap together easily with our unique, patented hinge. Rubber padding on the back side enhances the grip and comfort for the individual holding the board. The Ultimate Martial Arts Board will provide thousands of consistent breaks, no matter what your level of expertise! Low cost, consistency and range of resistance makes the UMAB ideal for accelerating skills by developing accuracy and confidence.

Each Ultimate Martial Arts Board consists of two identical halves. To assemble a board, take one in each hand and slide together so that the pegs fit into their corresponding slots. Tap it on the floor until the seam is completely closed at all points.

To break the rebreakable board, support it from behind at the edges. Strike the smooth side only. Strive to hit the board in the centre with enough power to pop the pegs free from their slots. A loud snapping sound will occur.

The UMAB Advantage

More consistent than wood
Colour-coded in 7 strengths, wood strip and wood board  sizes are an approximate equivalent.
Appropriate for all ages
Stackable for power breaking
Rounded edges = less injuries
Rubber padding on back for grip and comfort
School and distributor prices
Safer and less costly than wood
Help save trees around the world


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