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Feiyue Training Shoes The ORIGINALS in White


There are only one kind of ORIGINALS and these are it, with super flexible soles that allow full movement. Original rubber soles lasting longer than the fakes. Canvas upper, sturdy eyelets and strong rubber. Used by practitioners from all walks of life; kung-fu, movement, circus, parkour, krav maga, capoeira just to name a few.

Don’t be fooled by the look of the fakes as they look the same but the quality is so different.

Available in Sizes: 31-47

#31/200 #32/210 #33/215 #34/220 #35/225 #36/230 #37/235 #38/240 #39/245 #40/250 #41/255 $42/260 #43/265 #44/270 #45/275 #46/280 #47/285

Also Available in Black or High-Tops (above ankle)

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