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The Art of War (Signature Press)


The only ancient chinese biography was written some four centuries after he lived; there Sun Tzu is described as belonging to the Chinese aristocracy that no longer owned much land, so he became mercenary. The only fixed date we have for him is 512BC, when he was purportedly hired by a king of Wu, one of China’s then warring states to serve as a general;allegedly, he was so successful that Wu conquered the powerful state of Chu, at which point Sun Tzu seems to vanish from history. But he is credited with having composed his military treatise even before 512BC – a work titles Bing Fa, which might be literally translated as “military methods” or “army procedures” but which has come to be known as The Art of War.

Author: Sun Tzu Edited by Signature Press

Hardback, 161 pages

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